Going to the park. 

Taking the kids you are babysitting to the park is always a good way to kill off some energy. I have found this is the best way to keep 3 boys entertained and out of trouble. In Ohio our summers are mostly at 75-85 degrees, meaning perfect temps for outside play! 

There are three things to remember to always take with you to the park:

  1. Sunscreen/bug spray
  2. Basic First aid kid
  3. Snacks&Water 

With these you will never have a problem going to the park!


The beginning of the Adventure.

I feel like I should start off with telling you about me. I enjoy reading, watching K-dramas, painting/drawing, and spending time with my family and friends. I started babysitting when I was about 14 years old, now this seems like the prime age for young girls to start this extra work so they can have some spending money. My mom when I was younger started babysitting from our home when I was 5 years old. She started an at home daycare when I was 8, but ended doing that when she started a different at home job when I was about 14. So my whole childhood I watched my mom doing what I do now, child care.

Once I entered high school I was more responsible so I was able to watch my little sister and my little cousin who were at the ages of 8 and 3. I would get only 10-20 dollars each time I watched them but it was something for a high school freshman who just started dating. Now once I started driving that changed the game, I was able to go babysit at peoples houses. I’ll get into those stories in another blog post but, this is only the beginning and I have much more to tell you.

Stay Tuned,